BASIS schools offer students something no other American public school does: An education that prepares them according to the highest, most rigorous international standards. Our schools have been ranked consistently among the best schools in the United States--and the world.

"I am involved with BASIS because I know it employs a model that works. BASIS establishes the elements essential to student success: high expectations, great teachers who are experts in their disciplines, and tension within the system to ensure teachers and students are driven toward success. With these fundamentals in place, the BASIS Schools have achieved phenomenal results.”

Dr. Craig Barrett, Chairman and President of the BASIS Board of Directors, retired Chairman & CEO of Intel Corporation


5010 South Eastmark Parkway
Mesa, Arizona 85212
Phone: 602.239.4807
Front Office Hours: 7am-5pm

BASIS Mesa opened their doors to incoming students in August 2013 serving Grades 5-10. In 2014, BASIS Mesa will be offering Grades 4-11; Grade 12 will be added by 2015. BASIS Mesa may also add K-3 in the future.

Divided into a Lower School (Grades 5-7) and an Upper School (Grades 8-10), BASIS Mesa offers the same rigorous academic program as our award-winning schools in Scottsdale and Tucson, and at the same time takes into account the previous educational background of all incoming students. Beginning in August 2014, Lower School will be expanded to include Grade 4.

The Lower School program focuses on building organizational and study skills and creating a deep knowledge base necessary for students to tackle the demanding AP-based Upper School curriculum. Highlights of the Lower School curriculum include Latin and Classics in the 5th grade, separate courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics beginning in the 6th grade, and the choice of French, Latin, Mandarin, or Spanish, in the 7th grade. The Social Science courses tackle advanced content and all students complete a minimum of Algebra 1 by the end of seventh grade.

BASIS is consistently ranked as one of the top 10 high school programs in the country by U.S. News, Newsweek, and The Washington Post. BASIS Mesa Upper School students can begin taking Advanced Placement® courses as early as the eighth grade and will take at least eight AP courses and six AP exams by the end of their junior year.

BASIS Mesa also takes pride in the number of students participating in after-school activities. Students can participate in intramural or varsity sports such as cross country, football, basketball and volleyball as well as extracurricular activities including Leadership Club, Science Bowl, Fencing, Drama, and Literary Magazine. For more details, visit the Extracurricular tab.

We invite you to contact us to learn how your child can reach new levels of academic success at BASIS Mesa.

The campus, in the Eastmark community, is located on the former GM Proving Grounds near the intersection of Ray and Ellsworth.



It is an honor of distinction to serve the students and families as the Head of School for BASIS Mesa. Let me share why. Having worked with BASIS for several years and been a part of its impressive growth, I have been able to witness its effect on American education here in Arizona and throughout the country. Too long have stewards of the American educational system sat idly as the world passed by. Too long has mediocrity been the acceptable norm.

BASIS is different.

The recipe for success at BASIS is fairly simple. Students are challenged by teachers who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they teach. Students are supported on an individual level by an administrative team that has their best interests at heart. Finally, the school is supported by an organization that continues to challenge the status quo with a modest goal, revolutionizing American education.

A student that chooses BASIS makes a conscious and decisive statement to their peers here and around the world that greatness is within their grasp, and they will not settle.


David Hubalik
Head of School


Per A.R.S. § 38-431.02. Notice of meetings for BASIS Mesa will be posted on this website under People – School Board. Notices will also be posted on a front lobby window at 5010 South Eastmark Parkway, Mesa, Arizona 85212, visible to the public 24 hours per day, seven days a week. 

5010 South Eastmark Parkway
Mesa, Arizona 85212

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